Introducing the Nexus Benefits Card

There’s a brand new way to maximize dollars spent on employee benefits!

Employees take control of their healthcare by deciding when and how they will utilize funds from a pre-paid individual account. The results are increased employee satisfaction and a savings of 10-20% on costs. Your HR department is relieved of tedious administrative tasks and your employees get best-in-class benefits without straining your company’s financial backbone.

  • Reduced Premiums for 10-20% savings
  • Reduced up-front costs of up to 30%
  • No need to change carrier
  • No increased co-pays or deductibles for your employees
  • Increased cash flow – fund as needed
  • Convenient MasterCard™
  • Ability to fund benefits not covered through traditional programs
       (Lasik surgery, gym memberships, eye glasses)
  • Increased employee satisfaction
  • Tax advantaged

Curious? Ask us how we can customize a card plan just for your company and begin reaping the savings almost immediately. Let us arrange a free consult to discuss your company’s needs. Afterward, we’ll design and present a customized program for

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