Why United Healthcare?

Dedicated to improving our health care system.
The health care system isn’t healthy. Costs continue to rise. Access to quality care has become increasingly inconsistent. The entire industry is inefficient and overly complex.

At UnitedHealthcare, we’re committed to changing health care through outstanding service, valuable products and cost savings you can measure, year after year.

Our programs offer:

National Network

Give your employees the freedom to choose.

589,000 physicians and health care professionals. 4,920 hospitals. 60,000 pharmacies. That’s the strength of the UnitedHealthcare national network.This extensive roster gives your employees the freedom to work with the physicians they choose. Members who choose to use the network pay less out-of-pocket. The results are increased access to the right care. Greater employee satisfaction. And a better value for your company.

Industry Leadership

Strong leadership for positive change.
Our Total Affordability ManagementSM approach helps you provide quality health coverage for your employees while you manage company costs. We do it by designing health care to be more affordable, more efficient and more effective.

UnitedHealthcare Total Affordability Management works systematically to achieve better affordability and care by:

  • Using quality data to drive improvements in care and cost
    Our extensive clinical data and advanced analytic techniques promote best practices for improved health outcomes.
  • Offering effective coverage designs
    Members can choose from a wide range of products and programs designed to engage them in their health care decisions.
  • Providing clinical touches for all members
    Proactive care and disease management programs support treatment options when health care needs arise. 
  • Empowering members to make better health decisions
    Through services like myuhc.com® and Care24®, members can access information and resources to get the right care when they need it.

Commitment to Wellness

We don't just help your employees when they’re sick.
UnitedHealthcare understands that improving benefits and treatment options for our members positively impacts the entire health care system.

Here’s how: Our programs and services support your efforts to keep employees healthy. Healthier employees tend to be more productive and spend fewer health care dollars. Health care professionals have more time to focus on patients with serious needs. In general, the whole system simply works more smoothly and effectively.

An important part of our commitment includes access to valuable information and resources. The tools and services available on UnitedHealth Wellness® and myuhc.com® focus on delivering this access to employees.

Through these programs and tools, your employees can:

  • Identify current health status
  • Learn about areas for improvement
  • Get personalized, easy-to-understand health information
  • Enroll in programs to lose weight, quit smoking or improve nutrition
  • Find support through online health coaching.
  • Manage chronic diseases
  • Get discounts on wellness products and services not covered

Simpler Processes

Health care, simplified. We’re working to make the health care experience better for you, your employees and the physicians who treat them.
For employers
We save you time and money with online benefits administration, real-time eligibility management and electronic billing.
For members
We make it easier to get quality care with direct access to network specialists, round-the-clock nurse advice and simplified monthly health statements.
For physicians
Our real-time claims adjudication and minimized paperwork give doctors the freedom to concentrate on treating patients.

Innovative Products

Intelligent plan* designs for healthier members.
Informed health plan customers make better health decisions. And better health decisions help lower your company’s medical costs. That’s why UnitedHealthcare offers quality, affordable plans designed to keep our members involved in their own health and wellness.

Our plans include:

  • Innovative consumer-driven strategies, including our DefinitySM Health Savings Account (HSA) and Definity Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) paired with high-deductible plans
  • Proven products for small businesses and large employers alike
  • Affordable coverage for individuals and families
  • A broad portfolio of specialty coverage
  • Simplified administration from a single company

Each plan offers round-the-clock access to reliable health information and wellness support for your employees.

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