Consulting Services -- The NEXUS Way

NEXUS is uniquely positioned to compliment our clients' employee benefits programs and help them achieve their strategic goals. Here are the principals that we believe make our proposition different:

  • The quality of our resources is second to none.NEXUS will always assign a team of tenured professionals with expertise in all of the critical disciplines required to accomplish your objectives; Our clients get the best-of-the-best from NEXUS.
  • Our track record in providing cutting edge solutions that deliver short- and long-term value to employers. For example, our proprietary Nexus Benefit Card program and HR Advisor™ to name a few.
  • We are affordable.Simply stated, our overhead is substantially less than our competitors. This allows us to dedicate senior consultants to clients at a price point that is significantly more cost-effective than our competitors (for like resources). By leveraging technology and our portfolio of unmatched services we are able to attain enormous synergy and increase ROI for our clients.
  • Our long-term thinking. We plan on being a long-term, strategic partner of our clients, not just a "vendor for today." As such, everything we do is geared towards achieving both short-term results and positioning them towards the longer-term, tactical objectives will always be coupled with a multi-year, strategic plan for your benefits programs.
  • Our flexibility in delivering services. We are flexible in scoping projects,modifying our traditional work to reflect our clients' internal resources and developing flexible fee structures to assist our clients' budgetary needs. The bottom line: we listen to our clients and deliver services they desire (not services we are selling!).
  • We are accountable partners with our clients. In partnership, everything we do will be focused on our clients benefit programs, HR needs and business objectives. In terms of accountability, we will always place our compensation at risk based on your satisfaction. If we do not meet your expectations, we expect our compensation to be reflected accordingly.

Our value proposition is straightforward: NEXUS dedicates technical resources that are as broad, deep and experienced as any of our competitors, but they will be provided in a cost-effective manner and we operate in an environment that is 100% client focused.

So, how does NEXUS attract the best and brightest and get them 100% focused on achieving clients'objectives? Our simple formula is strict adherence to The NEXUS Way:

  • Doing the Right Thing. This means always putting our clients' interest first and adheringto the highest ethical standards of conduct in all that we do.
  • Respecting the Individual. As an organization we are committed to having each and every associate achieve his or her full potential. We are also steadfastly committed to teamwork
  • Making Performance Count. Accountability is a value that our organization embraces ... we are accountable to our clients and each other ... zero tolerance for exceptions.
  • Client & People Focus Only. We exist only to serve clients and our people.
  • Strict adherence toThe NEXUS Wayallows us to attractthe best in our industry, but it also creates a entrepreneurial environment wherecreative ideas are encouraged and everything is focused on client satisfaction.

Who is lining up your ducks?

Does your Benefits Consultant take care of you like we do? We partner with your organization to identify issues of concern and develop strategies that bring about fundamental and lasting cost savings. Our approach enhances both individual and group performances, creates a motivating environment, and improves productivity and operational effectiveness.

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