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JUNE NEWSLETTER: How President Obama's Changes May Affect Small and Mid-sized Businesses
NEW YORK, NY—Read our latest newsletter outlining the changes President Obama’s Administration is considering and how those changes will affect small and mid-sized business.
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Nexus Benefit Consultants launched to deliver best-in-class employee benefits with
world-class services

NEW YORK, NY—With employee costs on track to double over the next decade, employers need reliable, cost-efficient alternatives for providing best-in-class health coverage to their employees. Higher premiums and decreased benefits seem just a reality and businesses—large and small—are being squeezed.
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Nexus Benefits Card places ducks in a row to reduce employers’ up-front healthcare costs by
up to 30%

NEW YORK, NY—Employers had better beware, because as much as they want to provide best-in-class health coverage for their employees, it seems there’s just no way around getting splashed with higher premiums and decreased benefits. Or is there?
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Relevant Articles

Cost Cutters: 8 Ways to Save on Health Care for Employees
As health-care costs rise, small-business owners find themselves in a precarious situation: Offer employees health benefits at a potentially devastating cost to the company or drop benefits altogether and risk alienating their staff.
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A Health Plan for All and the Concerns It Raises
New York Times – March 25, 2009
It is one of the most contentious health care proposals President Obama has floated: offer a federal, Medicare-like insurance plan to anyone, at any age. And let commercial insurers offer their private health plans alongside it.
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N.Y Employers billed for assessment increase – April 13, 2009
ALBANY, NY–Employers with employees living in New York are receiving bills from the state's Department of Health requiring them to pay in a lump sum a retroactive increase in a special supplemental health care-related assessment.
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Is Government Health Insurance Cheap?
The Wall Street Journal – April 14, 2009
The false comparison between the costs of public and private medical plans.
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White House seeks health plan compromise
Yahoo News - Associated Press – April 15, 2009
WASHINGTON– President Barack Obama's top health care adviser said Wednesday a compromise is within reach...
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Are Your Ducks All in a Row?
Managed effectively, employee benefits are a useful business tool to recruit and retain the best and the brightest employees.
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Are you paying too much for your company’s health insurance benefits?
Have your employee benefits packages become a balancing act between reducing benefits and forestalling important investments in the future of your business? Our on-line Small Group Medical Health Insurance quote machine is Free!
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Introducing: The Nexus Benefit Card
Employee costs are on track to double over the next decade. The Nexus Benefits Card delivers employers up-front savings of up to 30% while relieving your HR staff of an ever increasing workload of cost containment and compliance issues.
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