Save on dental coverage with DMO***

Trim your costs, not your coverage. These six reasons were provided by Aetna and they have a great product but many dental carriers have similar products. Give a call and we help you find a good fit.

Tough economic times call for tough economic measures. But with our Dental Maintenance Organization (DMO®)* benefits plan, you can keep your costs low and your employees smiling.

Six reasons to choose a DMO*

  1. Quality coverage at half the cost

    This plan could be a good value for you - at about half the cost of a traditional PPO insurance plan. But don't let the lower costs fool you. Your employees will still enjoy quality coverage for preventive visits, X-rays, fillings, crowns, bridges and much more. What a deal!
  2. Smart care that cuts costs

    Your employees will need to pick a primary care dentist (PCD) to guide their care within the DMO* network. So they'll be forming a relationship with a dentist who knows their dental health best. And you'll be saving with smart care at in-network prices.
  3. Many dentists to choose from

    Think a less-costly plan means hardly any dentists? Think again. With this plan, you get one of the nation's largest DMO* networks - with more than 40,000 available dental practice locations nationwide. That helps make it easy for your employees to find a dentist.
  4. Flexible plan designs

    A simple DMO* plan can help you trim the fat from your benefits bill. But we also have plenty of plan design options for you to choose from. Ask about our innovative Aetna DMO® Access plan. It pairs our DMO* plan with our discount network for even greater network access - all at a cost lower than most stand-alone DMO* plans!

If you want even more flexibility, you can package our DMO* plan with a PPO or Indemnity plan in one of two ways:

  • Dual option: Pairs our DMO* plans with any of our dental PPO or indemnity plans. Separate rates apply to each plan.
  • Freedom-of-Choice: Employees get the freedom to switch between two plans, while you get the ease of one blended rate.
  1. Healthy savings built in

    This plan is just as great for the body as it is for the mouth. Members get access to savings on things like eyeglasses, contacts, gym memberships, hearing aids, Jenny Craig® and more. Now that's a plan with total health in mind.

  2. Coverage that really covers

    Your employees are covered for a broad range of services - without a deductible! And since there is no annual maximum, they'll have the peace of mind of plan protection, just in case. Best of all, claims are a snap, since the dentist handles all the paperwork. Its real coverage that's real easy.
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