Metlife Group Dental

With MetLife Group Dental benefits, you can feel confident you’ll receive the best value for your dental benefit dollars. We understand how important dental benefits are to your employees, how valuable your time is and how limited employee benefit dollars are these days
Innovative solutions to plan design
We offer a wide variety of dental benefit plan designs and funding arrangements for employers of all sizes. We are continually integrating clinical research, consumer-value approaches and industry trends into our standard plans to offer solutions to help you meet your goals.

Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plans, including:

  • Copay plans
  • Graduating Dental Benefits
  • Full Service Dental for Retirees
  • Indemnity plans
  • Multi-Option features
  • Funding arrangements, including
  • Voluntary and Employer-Sponsored options
  • Fully Insured and Self-Funded options

Dental benefit plans are available to employers based upon group size, underwriting and state requirements.

A Concern for Employees' Privacy
At MetLife, we are dedicated to protecting employees’ right to privacy. Please see “A Concern for Your Privacy” on the group dental page for employees.

Like most group dental policies, MetLife group policies contain certain exceptions, waiting periods, reductions, limitations and terms for keeping them in force.

The MetLife Preferred Dentist Program (PDP)

The MetLife PDP, our Preferred Provider Organization (PPO), is the cornerstone upon which we have built a wide range of dental benefit options.

More than 110,000 dentist locations, including more than 25,000 specialist locations, participate in the PDP nationwide.

The PDP provides freedom of choice. Employees may go out-of-network at any time and still receive benefits. Employees may pay more out-of-pocket for the services of non-network dentists, but the choice remains theirs.

PDP Copay Plan

With flexible plan design options and monthly premiums as low as $8–$12, the MetLife PDP Copay Plan can help lower your dental costs over time, while keeping your employees satisfied. Participants’ out-of-pocket costs are presented as a set dollar value rather than a coinsurance percentage — making it easy for employees to understand while allowing you to increase cost sharing without dissatisfaction (e.g., $5 prophylaxis “cleaning” instead of a 95% coinsurance benefit).

Graduating Dental Benefits

Graduating Dental Benefits from MetLife encourages participants to maintain their dental coverage and provides enhanced coverage to help all participants achieve and/or maintain good oral health. Participants, including dependents, are rewarded for maintaining their dental coverage with MetLife with an increasing annual maximum benefit4 each year upon the participant’s anniversary with MetLife dental coverage for up to three years- only requirement is participants maintain enrollment (no gaps) in the MetLife dental plan.

Graduating Dental Benefits is easy for employees to understand and enhances the value of an employer's dental plan offering.

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