10 Problems a PEO can help you solve?

  1. Time
    EO’s remove non-productive tasks that take away time and resources so you can focus on bottom line activities such as strategic planning, marketing, and customer service. Could you make more money if you had time to work your business? Time is money in business.

  2. Cash Flow
    PEO’s improve your cash flow by integrating most of your employee cost-centers into a single cost factor per $100 of payroll; including employer matching FICA, FUTA, SUTA, Work Comp, Administrative Overhead, and employee benefits. Your cash flows in “real-time” right along with your business income.

  3. Workers' Compensation PEO’s make buying and maintaining work comp easier than ever. No more BIG down payments. No more year-end premium audits. Because your work comp is built into your PEO factor, you only pay for the insurance you need as its utilized. And best of all, PEO’s have BIG buying power that can save you money by using their insurance policies.

  4. Employee Benefits
    PEO’s have many “turnkey” benefit plans in place for your employees. Imagine instantly adding a 401(k) plan, a Section 125, Group Dental, Life, and other valuable benefits to your business without spending a fortune. And best of all, the PEO’s manage the programs, payroll deductions, and benefit records- making employee benefits easier than ever to provide and manage.

  5. Government Compliance
    PEO’s simplify all the rules and regulations associated with employing people. They can assist you in complying with all federal, state, and local laws and statutes. PEO’s provide you with legally required employee forms and paperwork. They even maintain and store your employee files.

  6. Human Resources
    PEO’s act as your own personal HR Department, assisting with employee handbooks, job descriptions, record management, supervisory training and conflict resolution. Do your business practices and policies protect you from employee lawsuits? PEO's provide a reliable source to get your employee-related questions answered by HR professionals?

  7. Operating Leverage
    PEO’s create operating leverage for businesses by creating a fixed cost for employing people. Rather than having to increase your internal investment in human capital and equipment to keep up with external growth, the PEO provides a predictable mechanism that allows you to increase profits at a greater rate than internal costs. This is achieved through outsourcing to a PEO.

  8. Employee Turnover
    PEO’s reduce turnover by establishing better systems, policies and benefit packages. Turnover can cost your business thousands of dollars a year in lost production and employee re-training. A good PEO will help keep your employees loyal and motivated. And you spend less on training.

  9. Risk Management
    PEO's can really benefit businesses with work comp experience modifiers above 1.00. They can offer sound advice for improving workplace safety and preventing claims from occurring. They will proactively manage your comp claims and work with you to reduce claim costs and investigate potential fraudulence.

  10. Payroll & Taxes
    PEO’s solve each of these problems by becoming a co-employer with you. The PEO issues paychecks, W-2’s, direct deposits and tax deposits. They assume your tax liabilities and responsibilities as the IRS employer of record. This co-employment agreement and payroll administration makes everything possible for employers.
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