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At Nexus Benefit Consulting, we believe technology provides the key to a solid benefits experience for your employees and delivers an enormous impact on your ROI. Send us an email to get a free tour of the advanced systems that our clients use and compare them to the services you currently receive.

Click on the benefit portal below to see what we can build for you and your employees:

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Benefit Portals:

We offer branded and customized websites that communicate Benefits, HR, and Company information to employees 24/7.

Key Features of each Portal:

  • Branded for each client – logo, colors, and style
  • Personalized web address is included with all portals
  • Benefit plan details for all company offered benefits
  • New hire and HR forms and document area
  • Helpful links and resources updated daily
  • Site security – can be password protected on different levels for different classes
  • Ability to add links to other services like Enrollment, Payroll, etc.

Contact us today with any questions or to see a demo.

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